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I Love You Sessions



Yesterday I was watching something, it was emotional and my heart broke and it hit me, I have some more time on my hands…..Finally, I have time to do something I have been trying to do for 6 years, something that I knew I needed to do, and I feel like I am the person to do it, I just know it in my heart!

So the RMK Sessions are back, but I needed a better name, so I came up with this:

Now you are probably wondering what it means or what does it have to do with my Mom. Well on the 29th of April, 2011 my Mom had a biopsy done on her tumour, actually two, the 2nd biopsy made it swell a great deal, so bad that my Mom became unresponsive, but like the strong woman she was, she woke up, but had lost the ability to speak at all, or to move the right side of her body. To not be able to hear her voice or hear what she wanted to say to me before she passed away was heartbreaking, but we taught her to sign “I love you” with her left hand, so that is how we ended our visits, we would sign “I love you” to each other, so that is what the hand means. And the little frog, well anyone that knew my Mom knows how much she LOVED frogs so I had to add that to it, plus I have the same little frog as a memorial tattoo for her on my shoulder!

I Love You Sessions are exactly what it sounds like, it is about pure love. These aren't so much sessions as documenting moments, the wonderful, the bad and the ugly. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t take photos at the hospital or even before my Mom went into the hospital, I don’t want others to have those same regrets. 

This is for families who have loved ones fighting cancer and any other diseases, I want to document every moment I can for them because I know how special and important photographs are. 

I will have to do some fundraising to help with my fees when it comes to travel etc, I hope to help fundraise for the families as well for any expenses they will incur in the future and help them with fuel and meals, I am working on coming up with some ideas for those.  

I would love for you to share this to get the word out there, I will also be approaching hospitals and nursing homes as well in the near future. 

I feel like my Mom would absolutely love this and that she is right here beside me as I write this to all of you!!

Nikki xoxoxo

To make a donation to help me reach as many families as I can, with my travel expenses and to go towards fundraisers for them I have an account set up. You can either EMT me or send by Paypal.
EMT- nsmile@wightman.ca 
Paypal - nikkimulkern79@gmail.com


Please email me at nsmile@wightman.ca if you have a family member you would like to gift this to.
Please send me the following information in the email:

Phone #:
Tell me about this person, tell me their story:
Any other details you think I should know: